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HACCP Portal

  • How is the HACCP Portal pricing calculated?
  • Can a HACCP Portal account be transferred to another name under the same location?

HACCP Overview

  • Is HACCP a “stand alone” plan?
  • What are the “prerequisite programs” that are fundamental in developing a successful HACCP plan?
  • What are the “Seven (7) Principles” of HACCP and how are they defined?
  • What is the HACCP team?
  • May a HACCP team be a single person?


  • Are there training requirements for the employee(s) who use or are responsible for ROP operations?
  • What constitutes an acceptable “training program”?
  • Do I need formal training to understand HACCP?
  • Do all employees have to understand HACCP recordkeeping forms?
  • Do employees have to understand Standard Operating Procedures?
  • Do employees have to understand the HACCP plan?
  • Does each location of a chain need to have a written HACCP program?
  • May a HACCP plan be set aside once it has been approved?
  • Is "ability to implement and monitor HACCP" a factor in receiving HACCP plan approval?

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